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Hello Reader!

Imagine a world without conflicts. Imagine a peaceful world where no man ever does anything to hurt another man? That might seem like a dream but it is still close to reality.It is true that you cannot control what happens around the world (global crises and all) but you can control what happens to you. You can be an instrument of peace in your little corner. You can live in peace with yourself and your neighbors. This week, I use the poem below as a medium to present tips that can help you realize the dream of a peaceful world.

Read and Lead!


Once upon a time

When hoary hairs were feared

When the rains brought joy and peace

When the rainbow came after the rain

We drank from the streams of peace


Oh! Once upon a time

When we suckled the breasts of innocence

And our virgin hearts filled with joy-

As the children danced around the playground

And the aged watched with zeal

We bathed in the rivers of peace


Once upon a time

When the sun rose from the East-

And shone over the South, North and West

And the kings ruled with the eyes of the eagles

Our hearts merried in gratitude

We breathed the breath of peace



Anarchy beats the drum

Innocence is loosed like a flappy breast

Our hearts are soaked with blood

Our eyes cry out in great pain

The breath of peace we breathe no more


The Lion is out of the jungle, we are no longer at ease

Shall our numb feet again move?

Shall peace quench our thirst?

We must go to the ants

And the kingdom of the bees-

To again, breath the breathe of peace

Copyrights (c) 2016, Amarachi Precious Nwankwo





The Baobab Tree and Other Poems is a collection of beautiful and inspiring expressions from the depth of wisdom. Each poem is made up of fascinating lines that provide the reader with a daring spirit of excellence and accomplishment. The poet exquisitely explores the themes of hard work, patriotism, women emancipation, freedom, family ties, natural beauty, love, gratitude and lots more.

The poem, “The Baobab Tree” is the first poem found in this collection. It contains 4 stanzas with 6 lines making up each stanza. Stanza 1 simply explains how the tree reflects the beauty of nature.

In stanza 2, line 4 says, “shiny smooth grey bark wrinkled no imitation”. This line showcases the originality this creature portrays. I urge everyone reading this to draw a lesson from here. We are all unique and no man should imitate another to his/her detriment. God has created each person for a different and special purpose.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Baobab Tree lives for over 500 years, providing shelter. People can sit around it and hold meetings, families and friends relax to share life experiences. Jam, juice, coffee and wine products can be made from its pulp. Lines 4 and 5 of stanza 3 says, “for thou art Africa, therefore I bond; gives me strength as to grow wings”. It gives me pride knowing that this amazing tree is African. For me, since this tree is African and is this successful, I being an African woman will also succeed!

Finally, in stanza 4, line 3 says that it looks like it is planted upside down on earth. This is quite unusual! Who would believe that this kind of creature would rise above what many will consider an obstacle and soar high? This plant which lives a very long life, providing shelter, food, water, clothing, and good source of income for those who make and sell products such as wine from it, dietary supplements, medicine and lots more can be said to live a fulfilling life. My prayer is in lines 4 and 5 which says, “May thy fulfillment be my fate; imaginations turned reality in thee”

The baobab tree symbolizes strength, wisdom, wealth, health, long life, beauty, fulfillment and lots more. It is on this note that the 30 poems found in this collection have been written. This is a must read!

Contact me on my phone @ +234(0)7069189290. Send a mail to to book for your copy. Also feel free to like, share and comment on this post.

I now present to you the poem…
My Baobab tree, My Baobab tree
On you I sit and wonder
How beautiful is nature in thee
With the moon so bright on you I ponder
The breeze soft and graciously blowing indeed
My Baobab tree!

My Baobab tree, my Baobab tree
From hence cometh my inspiration
Your large swollen trunk and branches thrill
Shiny smooth grey bark wrinkled, no imitation
Like an elephant’s skin, hard to drill
My Baobab tree!

My Baobab tree, my Baobab tree
Keeps me wondering a life so long
So strong a shelter, yet your wine thrills
For thou art Africa, therefore I bond
Gives me strength as to grow wings
My Baobab Tree!

My Baobab tree, my Baobab tree
My majestic Baobab tree
As if planted upside down on earth
May thy fulfillment be my fate
Imaginations turned to reality in thee
My Baobab tree!

Copyrights © 2016, Amarachi Precious Nwankwo



Today, I write to take you on a ride down an amazing lane. A journey to the world of the baobab tree. I want to share with you the awe I feel for this marvelous creature I have never even seen (does this sound crazy?) All that I have read, seen (photos), and heard of the baobab is enough to get me thrilled! I can boldly say that the baobab is one of nature’s most awesome creatures. I present to you one of the tallest and largest creature. The tree of life!

The baobab tree, also called Adansonia Digitata Tree, The Monkey Bread Tree, The Upside Down Tree and the Tree of Life can be found in Africa and Australia. I met an elderly man during the course of the week who told me that the baobab used to be in his village at Ihie, Isialangwa south of Abia State before it was fell. This tree is so mighty that it lives for over 1000 years. In Burkina Faso, villagers give a solemn funeral for a baobab when it dies, playing drums usually reserved for chiefs. The Baobab means different things to different African communities where they are found. Generally, the tree symbolizes strength, wisdom, wealth, health, long life, beauty, fulfillment and lots more.

It may amaze you to know that the baobab tree provides shelter as people can sit on it and hold meetings. Families and friends relax to share life experiences. Jam, juice, coffee and wine products can be made from its pulp. These has provided food, shelter, a source of livelihood and income for people in these communities where they are found. Dietary and medicinal substances can be made from it also. These are just to mention but a few. Looking at the baobab, it appears to be planted upside down on earth. For me, this symbolises originality! The baobab tree is way too unique! Its bark looks like an elephant’s skin. It stores water also.

I hope you agree with me that the baobab tree lives a life of fulfilment. On this note, I pray that your life will be as sweet and fulfilling as that of The Baobab Tree, The Tree of Life.

Great news for lovers of literature, especially of poetry is that I have a poem I composed for The Baobab Tree found in my collection of Poems titled “The Baobab Tree and Other Poems”. In my next post, I would be presenting the poem and the book to you. WATCH OUT for my next post. Till then, enjoy the rest of the week and don’t forget to drop your comments on this piece. Thank You!




Sometimes in life we come across people who possess qualities that we love to emulate either in our spiritual, career, educational lives and other spheres of life. These peoples lives affect us in such a way that we become better people. We often do not recognize their worth in our lives until we have noticed our own personal growth and progress. We call these people our ROLE MODELS- they are our mirrors.

A model is a praiseworthy example to be copied. A Role Model is a mentor- a wise and trusted councilor or teacher. Simply put, a role model is someone whose behavior is imitated by others. Barry Deutsech says, ”my mother once told me, when you have to make a decision, imagine the person you want to become someday, what would that person do?”. Our role models are persons we look up to. They are called ‘Role Models’ for a reason…they never fail to inspire those who aspire to be like them.

Popular golfer, Tiger Woods says, ”my dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend”. Growing up in a family of ten, comprising of myself, parents and siblings, I grew up seeing my family members as my role models and they are still the most amazing role models I have ever had. I have always admired my  mother’s resourcefulness, intelligence, loyalty, confidence and cheerfulness and my father’s patience, humility, generosity and gentleness. I also emulate the good lifestyles of my siblings. I have grown to love and copy the exemplary lives of these people and it has proven to be a sure way to success for me.

As an adult, I have found out that the best thing about getting older is finding people to mentor!. Finding people I can encourage with my testimonies to achieve their goals. Whether we accept it or not, there are people out there who look up to us. These people just need a line or a sentence of your testimony to believe they can also make it so do not keep your testimony away from people. Role models like every other persons are imperfect. Therefore, it is wise to do your best, accept your mistakes so you can earn the trust and respect of those who believe in you.

I have so many people I admire but I will be discussing two women I aspire to be like in the subsequent paragraphs- they are JOYCE MEYER of Joyce Meyer Ministries and NNEKA ISAAC MOSES, the co-presenter of Goge Africa.

JOYCE MEYER-She is a charismatic bible teacher, author and speaker, married to Dave Meyer. Their marriage is blessed with four grown children. Despite Joyce’s challenges as a child who was regularly abused sexually by her father, she still conquered!. Each time I read her books or hear her speak, I see in her a woman who loves God, recognizes the fact that she cannot do without Him and attributes all her successes to Him. I see in her a woman God is using to change the world. That is the kind of woman I love to be!.

NNEKA ISAAC MOSES- She is a graduate of English and Literary studies, University of Lagos. The co-presenter of Goge Africa. She presents the program with her husband. Nneka is a reputable fashion designer, a charming T.V Presenter who thrills her viewers with her gap- toothed smile. She is also a successful film producer and actress. In 2009, she was awarded the best T.V presenter of the year. I admire this lady’s passion and zeal to make an impact. She is doing a great job at projecting the image of Africa through Goge Africa. She is creative and intelligent. She is the kind of woman I love to become!.

ROLE MODELS are like mirrors showing us who we are, who we should be and helping us wipe out the ugly spots that could hinder us from getting to our destinations. You must have a Role Model and you must be one!.  200px-Joyce_meyer_at_hillsong_conference_kiev_2007_Oct04my mirrors NNEKA ISAAC MOSES and her husband, Isaac Moses.


I am not just a woman, I am not only a woman, I am a unique being, specially made for transformation.In these days when women face discrimination and prejudice, yet we conquer them all, I am convinced that womanhood is a pride!

Right from childhood our society place certain roles on the genders. The boys are exposed to tasking sports like football and taught to take care of their ‘weaker vessels’ (their mother and sisters) while the girls are exposed to toys (mostly dolls) and taught to be careful and vulnerable. At a later stage in life the girl child becomes a woman as she goes through her menstrual circle, pregnancy, child birth and then child rearing…all these stages are characterized by pains. when the woman has reared her child to adulthood and he becomes successful, he becomes the pride of his father but when he/ she becomes a deviant, he becomes the mothers child and the woman is blamed and accused of failing in her duties as a mother. This places superiority on the male gender.

These same women who go through lots of difficulties at home still face even greater ones at their working places, educational and religious spheres. In the media, words like cameraman, chairman, manpower are used when words like camera operator, chairperson, workers’ could have been used instead. Female journalists are given soft sell topics like fashion and entertainment while men deal with tougher issues like politics and business. Women are also not well represented in government.. These are just to mention but a few. Margaret Sanger says, ”a woman must not accept, she must challenge, she must not be awed by that which was built up around her, she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression”. I am not afraid of the storms becomes I have confidence in me!.

Diane Mariechild says, ”a woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”. I AM A WOMAN!. I refuse to be intimidated!. I refuse to be involved in any abusive relationship. I refuse to lose my voice in the crowd. I am an empowered woman. I possess the beauty of a woman and the strength of a man!

I am a woman of substance, a jewel of inestimable value. I know my worth and what I deserve. ‘What a man can do I can do even better’. I was made  to assist my male counterparts coz they definitely cannot do without me. I am not frail but strong and courageous!. I am responsible, patient and hardworking. Wisdom rings a bell in my heart and I speak wisdom. I am a woman and my beauty radiates from within. I AM NOT AFRAID OF BEING A WOMAN FOR I WAS BORN TO DO THIS. I am proudly a woman!. How about you???.


Once upon a time

when hoary hairs were feared

when the rains brought joy and peace

when the rainbow came after the rain

We drank from the streams of PEACE


OH! Once upon a time

when we suckled the breasts of innocence

and our virgin hearts filled with joy

as the children danced around the playground happily-

and the aged watched with zest

We bathed in the rivers of PEACE


Once upon a time

when the sun rose from the east-

and shone o’er the west, north and south

and the kings ruled with the eyes of the of the eagles

our hearts merried in gratitude for the day-

and hope for the night

We breathed the breath of PEACE



Anarchy beats the drum

innocence is loosed like a flappy breast

the sheep cannot hear the shepherd

our hearts are soaked with blood

our ears are deaf with sorrows

our eyes cry out in great pain

We must go to the ants

and the kingdom of the bees


The lion is out of the jungle

we are no longer at ease

shall our feet thread the pearly gates

shall our ears hear the trumpet sound

shall our eyes behold the glamor in the sky

shall PEACE quench our thirsts