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May 11, 2016


Today, I write to take you on a ride down an amazing lane. A journey to the world of the baobab tree. I want to share with you the awe I feel for this marvelous creature I have never even seen (does this sound crazy?) All that I have read, seen (photos), and heard of the baobab is enough to get me thrilled! I can boldly say that the baobab is one of nature’s most awesome creatures. I present to you one of the tallest and largest creature. The tree of life!

The baobab tree, also called Adansonia Digitata Tree, The Monkey Bread Tree, The Upside Down Tree and the Tree of Life can be found in Africa and Australia. I met an elderly man during the course of the week who told me that the baobab used to be in his village at Ihie, Isialangwa south of Abia State before it was fell. This tree is so mighty that it lives for over 1000 years. In Burkina Faso, villagers give a solemn funeral for a baobab when it dies, playing drums usually reserved for chiefs. The Baobab means different things to different African communities where they are found. Generally, the tree symbolizes strength, wisdom, wealth, health, long life, beauty, fulfillment and lots more.

It may amaze you to know that the baobab tree provides shelter as people can sit on it and hold meetings. Families and friends relax to share life experiences. Jam, juice, coffee and wine products can be made from its pulp. These has provided food, shelter, a source of livelihood and income for people in these communities where they are found. Dietary and medicinal substances can be made from it also. These are just to mention but a few. Looking at the baobab, it appears to be planted upside down on earth. For me, this symbolises originality! The baobab tree is way too unique! Its bark looks like an elephant’s skin. It stores water also.

I hope you agree with me that the baobab tree lives a life of fulfilment. On this note, I pray that your life will be as sweet and fulfilling as that of The Baobab Tree, The Tree of Life.

Great news for lovers of literature, especially of poetry is that I have a poem I composed for The Baobab Tree found in my collection of Poems titled “The Baobab Tree and Other Poems”. In my next post, I would be presenting the poem and the book to you. WATCH OUT for my next post. Till then, enjoy the rest of the week and don’t forget to drop your comments on this piece. Thank You!


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