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May 18, 2016


The Baobab Tree and Other Poems is a collection of beautiful and inspiring expressions from the depth of wisdom. Each poem is made up of fascinating lines that provide the reader with a daring spirit of excellence and accomplishment. The poet exquisitely explores the themes of hard work, patriotism, women emancipation, freedom, family ties, natural beauty, love, gratitude and lots more.

The poem, “The Baobab Tree” is the first poem found in this collection. It contains 4 stanzas with 6 lines making up each stanza. Stanza 1 simply explains how the tree reflects the beauty of nature.

In stanza 2, line 4 says, “shiny smooth grey bark wrinkled no imitation”. This line showcases the originality this creature portrays. I urge everyone reading this to draw a lesson from here. We are all unique and no man should imitate another to his/her detriment. God has created each person for a different and special purpose.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Baobab Tree lives for over 500 years, providing shelter. People can sit around it and hold meetings, families and friends relax to share life experiences. Jam, juice, coffee and wine products can be made from its pulp. Lines 4 and 5 of stanza 3 says, “for thou art Africa, therefore I bond; gives me strength as to grow wings”. It gives me pride knowing that this amazing tree is African. For me, since this tree is African and is this successful, I being an African woman will also succeed!

Finally, in stanza 4, line 3 says that it looks like it is planted upside down on earth. This is quite unusual! Who would believe that this kind of creature would rise above what many will consider an obstacle and soar high? This plant which lives a very long life, providing shelter, food, water, clothing, and good source of income for those who make and sell products such as wine from it, dietary supplements, medicine and lots more can be said to live a fulfilling life. My prayer is in lines 4 and 5 which says, “May thy fulfillment be my fate; imaginations turned reality in thee”

The baobab tree symbolizes strength, wisdom, wealth, health, long life, beauty, fulfillment and lots more. It is on this note that the 30 poems found in this collection have been written. This is a must read!

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I now present to you the poem…
My Baobab tree, My Baobab tree
On you I sit and wonder
How beautiful is nature in thee
With the moon so bright on you I ponder
The breeze soft and graciously blowing indeed
My Baobab tree!

My Baobab tree, my Baobab tree
From hence cometh my inspiration
Your large swollen trunk and branches thrill
Shiny smooth grey bark wrinkled, no imitation
Like an elephant’s skin, hard to drill
My Baobab tree!

My Baobab tree, my Baobab tree
Keeps me wondering a life so long
So strong a shelter, yet your wine thrills
For thou art Africa, therefore I bond
Gives me strength as to grow wings
My Baobab Tree!

My Baobab tree, my Baobab tree
My majestic Baobab tree
As if planted upside down on earth
May thy fulfillment be my fate
Imaginations turned to reality in thee
My Baobab tree!

Copyrights © 2016, Amarachi Precious Nwankwo


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