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June 15, 2016

Hello Reader!

Imagine a world without conflicts. Imagine a peaceful world where no man ever does anything to hurt another man? That might seem like a dream but it is still close to reality.It is true that you cannot control what happens around the world (global crises and all) but you can control what happens to you. You can be an instrument of peace in your little corner. You can live in peace with yourself and your neighbors. This week, I use the poem below as a medium to present tips that can help you realize the dream of a peaceful world.

Read and Lead!


Once upon a time

When hoary hairs were feared

When the rains brought joy and peace

When the rainbow came after the rain

We drank from the streams of peace


Oh! Once upon a time

When we suckled the breasts of innocence

And our virgin hearts filled with joy-

As the children danced around the playground

And the aged watched with zeal

We bathed in the rivers of peace


Once upon a time

When the sun rose from the East-

And shone over the South, North and West

And the kings ruled with the eyes of the eagles

Our hearts merried in gratitude

We breathed the breath of peace



Anarchy beats the drum

Innocence is loosed like a flappy breast

Our hearts are soaked with blood

Our eyes cry out in great pain

The breath of peace we breathe no more


The Lion is out of the jungle, we are no longer at ease

Shall our numb feet again move?

Shall peace quench our thirst?

We must go to the ants

And the kingdom of the bees-

To again, breath the breathe of peace

Copyrights (c) 2016, Amarachi Precious Nwankwo



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