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Popular hymn writer, F.E Belden in his hymn titled ‘Joy By and By’ made a statement that I love very much. He says, ”o there will be joy when the work is done”. This powerful statement is going to be the basis of this write-up… ”sunset”.

There comes a time in our lives when things seem to be going on very fine for us but suddenly our world gets into chaos, our dreams get shattered and we get a strong feeling that Time has refused to move for us but has stood still instead making us live in what I call a ”sorrow driven stagnant life”. Our dreams, hopes and aspirations are put on hold and we do not know the plans of time to resume these things. We then begin to ask the most popular question, WHY???.

”O there will be joy when the work is done”, Until we get up and do something to correct our present predicament, until we become solution oriented, until we become positive both in our thoughts , words and actions the sun cannot set on our predicaments. We need to do the work in order to enjoy the harvest.

The great philosopher, Rene Dercartes, says ”I think therefore I am”. You might have heard that before now or you are just hearing it but it’s true and I believe it!. Joyce Meyer in her book, ”Battlefield of The Mind”, clearly states that ‘worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation are all attacks on the mind’. You need to gain control over your mind to find freedom and peace, recognize damaging thoughts and stop them from ruining your life!

F.E Beldon was not wrong when he said, ”O there will be joy when the work is done”. Yes! there will be joy when the work is done. Then we will conquer our sorrows and sadness only when we begin to take charge of our thoughts, gain courage and purpose to live!. Then and only then will we find real  joy as we experience the beginning of a new dawn and the Sun Sets in our lives. THE TRUE POWER LIES IN OUR THOUGHTS.


My Lover and I(a poem)

It felt so good
Sitting and gazing at the moon
With high hopes and cheering hearts
My lover and I

It felt so good
Lying in his arms
Laughing happily like a lark learning to pray
And our love flickering with joy
My lover and I

It felt so good
All the blissful moments we spent together.
But now I can only sit and stare at the past-
And wish those blissful moments were still here
But it still feels so good
That we had a good past
And yet a future to treasure
My lovers and I!


Listening is an active mental activity of receiving,constructing meaning and responding to spoken verbal messages.It is a deliberate process through which we seek to understand and retain aural stimuli for future use and also understand  peoples’s  feelings through mutually understood codes.Listening is therefore an indispensable communication tool because if we do not listen we will not understand people and we cannot communicate
Following the above explanations,it is heartbreaking that most people do not pay attention to this important communication skill(Listening) .Statistics shows that the average time spent on listening is 53percent while that spent on speaking ,writing and reading together is 47percent.Ironically,all the training programs are usually focused on the later(speaking,writing and reading) and almost little time is spent on the former(listening) though it is critical and occupies major importance in communication.
According to John Marshall,’Listening well is as powerful a means of communication as to talk well’ .people often focus on their speaking abilities believing that good speaking equals good communication.But the the ability to listen is equally important.Good listeners are often some of the best speakers because they have taken time to listen and find  out what people are truly interested in.Listening is a survival tool as it helps us to stay out of trouble anywhere we find ourselves.It creates understanding and problem solving,It helps to gather information,It adds to knowledge,It is important for our interpersonal relationships,It establishes bond of trust and respect,It helps our professional lives.The importance of listening cannot be overemphasized.
In order to communicate effectively,we must be able to hear what the other person is saying.Not just hearing because the acoustics is good or the person is speaking loud.We have to employ the tool FOCUS which helps us listen effectively.There is a popular saying that,’A wise man listening to a fool will learn more than a fool listening to a wise man’. We must create interest in paying attention to our listening abilities and work on those barriers that stop us from listening effectively and overcome them….